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UNICOM•ARC did not come in with a "cookie cutter" and force the District to fit into it. They were flexible and worked with us toward the ultimate goal of gathering the best information from our constituents. Our process kicked off with negative headlines from the local paper. A year and a half later, when the final recommendations were presented, the same paper wrote a positive editorial about the process and the District.

Brett Clark
Director of Community
Relations & Grants
Glenview School District
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Your team is anxious to get started on a big project, one that is vital to the organization. Before you begin, take these crucial first steps: planning and input.

With proper planning and input from your key audiences, you dramatically increase the chances for successful outcomes.

Public engagement encompasses a series of strategies to bring your constituents and your organization together for discussion, planning and action. It is most often used by public entities to involve residents in long-range planning decisions, but also has uses for business and other entities. In the past 20 years, clients have found that our tried-and-true public engagement process is the most effective tool for attaining success.

Our strategic planners facilitate as your team assesses where your organization is now and where it wants to go. Our proven approach helps you develop strategic plans that are used daily by your team, not sitting on a bookshelf gathering dust. Find out for yourself the difference between a doorstop, and a living document that flexes with you.

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